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GeoDev Summit PresentationFebruary 27, 2018
Tour de Spatial - take a tour through the current gis development landscape while building a real-world application.

This tutorial will guide you through the "Tour de Spatial" session presented by Rusty Green at the 2018 Harrisburg University GeoDev Summit . The session will consist of a tour through various GIS solutions – exposing users to a wide range of spatial technologies, frameworks, and services. We will build a real-world full stack GIS application (client and server) and explore different software and…

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Developer Must-ReadsFebruary 19, 2018
A list of must-read books and articles for software developers.

One of the most important rules for successful developers, or anyone in the tech industry, is that you must keep learning. Be curious, and never settle for your current skillet. Accept the fact that you will never know enough to just coast by. Be hungry to learn, and recognize that there is no magic-bullet, framework, or platform that will prevent you from having to learn another. We all must…

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