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A list of must-read books and articles for software developers.

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One of the most important rules for successful developers, or anyone in the tech industry, is that you must keep learning. Be curious, and never settle for your current skillet. Accept the fact that you will never know enough to just coast by. Be hungry to learn, and recognize that there is no magic-bullet, framework, or platform that will prevent you from having to learn another. We all must continue to learn new things and find the best solution for each project - one size never fits all in this industry.

While I’ve been in the technology industry for quite a while, there is probably no advice I can give that has not already been given by others – and certainly more eloquently than I could. So, I’ve compiled a list of articles and books that have made me a better developer, employee, entrepreneur, manager, and probably person.

Be humble. Be Hungry. And Always be the hardest worker in the room. – Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

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Rusty Green

When performance counts!
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